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    Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i 230V 50A Plasma Cutter and 8Kw Inverter with 12 Ft XTR40 Torch New

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    Hobart® AirForce™ 40i plasma cutter features the new ergonomically designed, 40 amp, XT40R plasma torch and cuts up to 7/8 inch mild steel. The AirForce 40i features an inverter design that is both lightweight and powerful. The XT40R plasma torch boasts more flexible cables and longer plasma consumable life than previous models. The 40i requires 230 V/50 A input power and compressed air delivery of at least 4.8 scfm @ 90 to 120 psi. Maximum cutting of mild steel is 7/8 inch at 50% duty cycle for heavy duty production requirements. Unit is compatible with engine-driven welders and at least 8 kW of generator power with a 240 volt receptacle.

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